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ElectraMate 2000 12kW

Spare Part Product Codes and Descriptions

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 2 pole contactor, 25Amp (XB014)
 22mm Ball o fix valve (GT024)
 22mm pump valves (XB121)
 25 amp fuse (XB364)
 3 pole contactor, 63Amp (XB002)
 35 Litre expansion vessel (XG193)
 5 amp fuse (XB382)
 90 degree angle ballvalve (XB398)
 AC30 fuse base (XB363)
 Anti vacuum valve (GT056)
 Appliance control p.c.b. (Version 40) (GT155)
 Automatic air vent (GT015)
 Ball Float (FT429)
 Ballvalve (FT207)
 Brass housing (Replaces GT049) (GT045 valve & housing)
 CA backflow prevention valve (XB390)
 Electronic noise filter (XB307)
 Expansion relief valve (GT195)
 Flow regulator (GT086)
 Grundfos 15/50 pump (XB004)
 Hot water sensor (GT153)
 Interface SPCO relay (XB018)
 MCB single pole 20A (XB027)
 MCB single pole 25A (XB026)
 MCB single pole 6A (XB025)
 Mixing valve (Replaces XC006) (See XC005 mixing valve & ZB014 replacement pipework)
 Off delay relay (T1 & T2) (XB016)
 Off delay relay (T3) (XB017)
 Overheat stat (GT064)
 Plastic F + E tank (XB343)
 Plate heat exchanger (GT017)
 Pressure reducing valve (XB391)
 Primary system pressure gauge (GT179)
 Programmable room stat (XB365)
 Single check valve (Replaces GT048) (GT045 valve & housing)
 Store sensor (GT147)
 Switch heating element (XB135)
 Tundish (XB392)
 Y strainer (XB314)

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Tel: 01253 474412
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