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SysteMate III

Spare Part Product Codes and Descriptions

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 22mm By pass valve (XG182)
 22mm motorised valve (XG130)
 22mm pump valves (XB121)
 28mm motorised valve (XG142)
 28mm pump valves (XB122)
 Appliance control p.c.b. (GT155)
 Ball Float (FT429)
 Ball O'Fix Valve (GT024)
 Ballvalve (FT207)
 BM/SM/PC MK3 store return pipe (MIP097)
 F and E tank 144/188/LH/AF (ASF11)
 F and E tank 144/188/LH/MF (ASF13)
 F and E tank 144/188/RH/AF (ASF10)
 F and E tank 144/188/RH/MF (ASF12)
 F and E tank 178//205/238/RH/AF (ASF20)
 F and E tank 178/205/238/LH/AF (ASF21)
 F and E tank 178/205/238/LH/MF (ASF23)
 F and E tank 178/205/238/RH/MF (ASF22)
 Flow switch SUPERSEDED BY MIP139 (GT106)
 Grasslin digital clock (XB216)
 Grasslin electro mechanical clock (XB215)
 Gravity check valve (GT041)
 Grundfos 15/50 pump (XB004)
 Grundfos 15/60 pump (XB241)
 Hot water sensor (GT153)
 LH MK3 PHE to mix wet sensor pipe (MIP028)
 Mixing valve (XC007)
 Plate heat exchanger (GT017)
 RH MK3 PHE to mix wet sensor pipe (MIP027)
 Store sensor (GT147)
 Y strainer (XB314)

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Tel: 01253 474412
Fax: 01253 474450

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