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StainlessLite Pre-Plumbed

Spare Part Product Codes and Descriptions

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 12 Litre expansion vessel (XG214)
 15mm x 22mm Tundish (XG207)
 18 Litre expansion vessel (XG215)
 22mm 2 Port valve (indirects only) (XG089)
 25 Litre expansion vessel (XG216)
 28mm Circulator gate valves (XB122)
 35 Litre expansion vessel (XG217)
 3kW Immersion element (SH010)
 Automatic primary/heating bypass valve (XG182)
 Control and overheat limit thermostat (XG213)
 Electrical wiring centre (XG132)
 Heating 2 port valve (XG083)
 Hot water 2 port valve (XG083)
 Inlet group set at 3 bar c/w expansion relief valve set at 4.5 bar (SG031)
 Junction wiring box (12 way) (XG129)
 Pressure and temperature relief valve 6 bar 89-96C (SG019)
 Primary/heating circulator (XB523)
 Primary/heating water expansion kit comprising of expansion vessel, system pressure gauge, system safety valve (SG032)
 Single channel programmer - Danfoss TP1B (XG147)
 Two channel programmer - Danfoss TP1M (XG138)

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