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PulsaCoil A-Class

Spare Part Product Codes and Descriptions

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 5 amp fuse for control & off peak circuit fuses (XB382)
 90 degree angle pump isolating valve (GT135)
 Bracket (XB179)
 F + E tank (XB343)
 Flow regulator (GT086)
 Front panel dispaly (XB411)
 Immersion heater (XB083)
 Main p.c.b. controller (XB103)
 Modulating Grundfos 15/50 pump (GT089)
 Nut & olive for sensor (GT295)
 Off peak/On peak contactor (XB178)
 On - off rocker (CA006)
 Overheat sensor (GT199)
 Plate heat exchanger (GT017)
 Relay (XB424)
 Relay base (XB425)
 Relay retro kit (MIP098)
 Sensor (GT198)
 Straight pump isolating valve (GT133)
 Y Strainer (XB314)

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Sycamore Estate, Squires Gate, Blackpool, FY4 3RL

Tel: 01253 474412
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